Day 3 Recap - Giddings to Brenham

This morning we started out Immanuel Lutheran School in Giddings where Pat and I led chapel service for the kids.  I don't know how she did it on sore legs, but she was bouncing around like a teenager while leading action songs.  The theme of the day was Thanksgiving, and all the students brought donated canned goods to give away to families in need.  When chapel was done, they gathered on the sidewalk in the cold weather and cheered us on.  That was such a special moment that gave us a nice boost.

After that, it was just a lot of beautiful miles on back country roads.  Pat and I ran the first 20 together and, again, just kept each other going with great conversation.  We then stopped for a bit so I could sit down and get some more food in me and change out my socks and check the blisters on my toes.  It looks like I'll only be losing two toenails after this week. :)

I tried to just hammer out the miles, and got to run the Texas Independence Trail for a portion of it.  The hills are just starting to get bigger, and will only continue today through Chappel Hill.  Surprisingly, I held a decent pace and finished 43 miles when I got to Brenham.

After a long shower, we ate another huge dinner and then Desine and Raymond went grocery shopping for breakfast while we did a little email work and such.  Ready or not, day 4 is here and it's about 50 miles to Tomball, so yay!

My prayers on the run today were for the mission efforts of the Texas District LCMS and for the FiveTwo Network.