Summertime Blues Sprint Triathlon

My daughter Victoria and I both competed in the Summertime Blues Sprint Triathlon this past weekend.  This was her first triathlon at age 14, and I was extremely proud of her.  She took first place in her age group and I took third place in the elite field.  It was a short race, but a very fun day.

 Victoria finishing up her race and her dad running with her.

Victoria finishing up her race and her dad running with her.

Insane Training Week

I just had my biggest training week ever last week and I'm super excited about my endurance level.  I did 318 miles of swimming, biking and running, over 20 hours and burned over 16,000 calories.  It's the calories part that I like the best because I was forced to eat a lot.   

Sunday was a practice day for Ironman Louisville which included an 18 mile run before church, a 45 minute swim after lunch and a 101 mile bike ride that ended when the sun went down.  Being 95+ degrees and humid from a recent rain shower, the conditions were especially wonderful.  I was really getting tired by about 7:00 pm, but kept my eye on the goal of not only racing a strong Ironman, but also running for 24 hours.

 Texas roads get hot in August. 

Texas roads get hot in August. 

As hard as it is to train, it's all worth it as I hear new stories weekly about new families that are reached and lives that are impacted by LINC's work.  I am so privileged to have my health and a supportive family.  I can't imagine what life must be like for our families who don't have enough food or are in incredibly difficult life situations.

Training to suffer by doing an Ironman

August 25th of this year I'll complete my first full Ironman event in Louisville.  It's 140.6 miles of swimming 2.4, biking 112 and running 26.2.

My training schedule isn't too crazy because I have a job and a family, but I'm still managing to get in over 15 hours of training a week by waking up really early in the mornings and stopping at the pool on my way home.  While swimming and biking don't exactly correlate to running, I'm hoping that my fitness and endurance from this event will carry over into Run 4 The City.

Here's my training for last week:  16 hrs, 229 miles and 12,509 calories (yum)

Monday: 1.5 mile swim
Tuesday: 20 mile bike w intervals, 1 mile swim
Wednesday: 9.5 mile run w/ intervals, 28.5 mile bike on hills, .4 mile swim
Thursday: 21 mile bike w/ 5x8 min intervals
Friday: 11 mile progressive run, 16 mile slow bike
Saturday: 100 mile bike through Ouachita Mountains
Sunday: 20 mile run

There's still lots of hard work ahead of me for both the Ironman and the endurance run, but I keep thinking of the people and communities that will benefit from it through the work of LINC.

 Training is a family affair, whether they like it or not. :)

Training is a family affair, whether they like it or not. :)

Ironman 70.3 Kansas


This past weekend, I completed my third Ironman 70.3 event within a 9 month period.  I raced with my sister who completed her second.  It was a perfect day with high temperatures in the 80's.   That's like paradise for someone who traines in Houston's heat and humidity.

The 1.2 mile swim wasn't bad, but I couldn't catch my breath for the first 5 minutes.  After that I just kept an easy pace and waited it out. 

The 56 mile bike was beautiful with lots of rolling hills and lots of wind (it is Kansas after all.)  The elevation change was definitely more than we have in Houston but not unbearable with about 1,200 ft of climbing over the ride.

After the second mile of the 13.1 mile run I spotted my sister and stopped to talk to her.  At that point both my legs decided to cramp up to the point that I could barely walk let alone run.  It took almost a mile of walk-jogging until I could run again, but I just kept the pace easy from then on to prevent more cramping. Ugh. 

I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the whole event, especially with some of my family there as well.